Is the Towel You Use Hurting Your Ford's Clear Coat?

When you clean your car, you always dry it off with a soft, clean terrycloth towel. That's how your parents taught you. That's how it's always been done. It's the right way to do it.


Terrycloth may have been the best thing available in your parents' day, but professional car detailers say microfiber towels have revolutionized car care in the past few decades.

Microfibers are made up of polyester and polyamide strands 60 times thinner than human hair. This gives them far more surface area than a terry towel, which means they can absorb more dirt, pulling it away from the vehicle's paint, while a terry towel only pushes it around.

Scraping dirt across the surface of your car is the number-one cause of scratches in the clear coat.

Follow the recommendations from Autoblog Details when selecting towels. Any towel that touches your paint should be between 300 and 400 GSM (grams per square meter, a measure of density), and should have approximately an 80:20 blend of polyester to polyamide.

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