Get A 100% Tax Deduction

Got your eye on a brand new Ford Transit Cargo Van or Super Duty Chassis Cab, but you're unsure about the investment? Do you tell yourself yes, but not now, maybe later? Well, Chino Hills Ford has a deal for you that might help you make up your mind to make the purchase sooner than later!

According to IRS Section 179, up to $1 million of the purchase of new equipment in its first year of service may be deducted from your tax bill. This is intended to give your finances a boost, and you should seriously consider taking advantage of it. The purchase of new 2018 or 2019 Ford vehicle or equipment right now is great news for you long-term. That's why it's time to buy and double-invest in your company with the help of this sizeable tax break. Chino Hills Ford is here to help make that happen.

A deduction of this size usually takes place over a much longer span. The fact that it's available to you and your business now is a government issued boon. Listen to us and take advantage of this opportunity to make your Ford purchase and put it into service before the end of the year. That's money going right back into your pockets, nearly immediately.

Any Limitations?

There's nothing that should discourage you from purchasing your new Ford equipment, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind before taking home a new Ford Super Duty. After all, this tax incentive is all about making smart purchases for you and your business. So, here's some information that will help you do just that and buy smart.

The size of the 179 tax deduction will shrink from 100% if your small business's total capital expenditures exceeds $2.5 million. This includes all of your capital expenditures such as real estate purchases or what have you. That means your total capital expenditures are more than the purchase of new equipment so keep an eye on that when purchasing your new Ford equipment.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that your new Ford, whether a Chassis Cab or a Super Duty, must be put into work or service by year's end. Another thing to remember is that 50% of the time it is in use, it must be used for that purpose, as well. One final thing. These requirements must be met by year's end, i.e. December 31.

That's about it! Remember these things, and you can rest easy next season knowing you got an amazing deal on your new Ford.

Let's Figure Out Your Savings

The Section 179 tax deduction starts with your tax liability. The higher your liability, the greater your savings. With that in mind, let's take a crack at some example calculations that will help you figure out how much you're actually saving on your new Ford purchase come tax season.

To accurately calculate your expected savings on a Ford vehicle using the Section 179 deduction, you must know your income tax liability. In short, the higher your tax liability, or, in other words, the amount you owe on your taxes, the greater your tax savings will be using this deduction. Let's assume your tax burden is 15% your total income. Let's make another assumption and say that you've had your eye on a new 2018 Ford SuperCab for your business. That is a cost of $34,135. Now, let's do the math!

First, we'll multiply your tax burden of 15% by the $34,135 which is 100% of the total cost of the SuperCab. This comes out to a deduction of $5,120.25. We'll then subtract that from the SuperCab's cost. This gives us an actual cost of $29,014.75. That actual cost works out to a very affordable, brand new Ford!

Find What You're Looking For With A Search Of Our Ford Inventory

Now that you know what kind of savings await you under Section 179's tax deduction, it's time to act before year's end to take advantage of this great tax incentive. Search our new Ford vehicles and purchase one to invest in your small business. The opportunity awaits at Chino Hills Ford located at 4480 Chino Hills Parkway Chino, CA 91710.

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