High-Tech Safety Features in the Ford Focus

Ford has a knack for creating high-value vehicles fit for any modern driver. The new Focus is a popular compact car that's available with high-tech safety features throughout. Drivers in Chino can get this vehicle at Chino Hills Ford with advanced sensors that act as a second pair of eyes.

The sensors are located on the rear sides of the car and work with two separate monitoring systems. The first is the Blind Spot Monitoring system. It can detect when other drivers move into a spot that you can't see well. The Focus will let you know when it's not safe to change lanes or merge into traffic through a visual alert on the side mirrors.

The same sensors can also help you when you're backing up. When you're in reverse, the Rear Cross-Traffic Alert system monitors traffic from your left and right sides. It can detect oncoming traffic and alert you with audible warnings. This system can prove to be useful when you're backing out of a parking space or driveway.

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