Is It Difficult to Enter and Exit the Ford Flex?

One of the main issues that buyers have with full-size SUVs is the elevation to enter and exit the vehicle. Most full-size SUVs will have a ten-inch height, and some are even higher to step into from the street. That is why you see so many people waiting at a curb in Chino, CA to be picked up by their SUV instead of walking to it.

The Ford Flex is unique with an elevation of only 5.7 inches making entering and exiting an easy chore for anyone. Put that together with the three-assist grab handles strategically placed close to the most used doors and the pass-through in the second row of seats to access the third row then you have unprecedented ease of access and exit.

At Chino Hills Ford, we carry every trim level of the Ford Flex. Climb into a Ford Flex and discover the meaning of space.

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