Check Out These Ford C-MAX Smart Features

The team here at Chino Hills Ford are thrilled to bring you the all-new Ford C-MAX. This year, this vehicle is full of smart features that have boosted the overall popularity of this compact hybrid.

The new Ford C-MAX is going to increase your visibility as you travel backward. Once the vehicle is shifted into reverse, this is when the rear back-up camera is activated and will switch the information screen on the center console to your camera monitor. Now you'll have no issue seeing stationary and moving objects directly behind your car as you back up.

With the Enhanced Active Park Assist system, parking your Ford C-MAX is a breeze. Activate the system from the console, and sensors scan the road for the right size parking space. Once identified, the driver is then prompted to brake, shift, or accelerate, as the steering is taken over and the vehicle simply slides right into that space.

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