Ford Fusion Hybrid Design Features

Go-green initiatives are sweeping Chino, CA and other cities around the world, resulting in better, energy-efficient cars like the Ford Fusion Hybrid. Eco-friendliness at its best, the Hybrid engages you with an interactive smart gauge that displays your lithium-ion battery power, classic gasoline gauge, and energy needed and saved. When you save optimum energy, green leaves pop up to indicate your positive impact.

The Ford Fusion Hybrid has many interior and exterior perks, such as automatic high beams in inclement weather and solar tinted windows that darken or lighten to accommodate the brightness outside. The Hybrid is also available in several colors, like ruby red or rich copper, to customize your drive experience.

Our professional team at Chino Hills Ford are all for the eco-friendliness of hybrid cars like the Ford Fusion Hybrid. So, if you’re ready to make the switch from traditional to “green,” come give one of our hybrids a test drive.

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