Explore the Open Road with the Ford Explorer ST

At Chino Hills Ford we live to see our customers find the right vehicle for themselves and their families. A good example is the Ford Explorer ST, which is one of our best vehicles. The ST is the performance model version of the Explorer SUV.

Performance is entirely standard for the ST, not optional, and that’s so important when you’re out on the open road exploring, whether on vacation or heading to grandma's house. With the ST, your ride is a 400-hp, 415-lb torque package of pure performance. A 3-liter V-6 also powers your rear-wheel-drive using twin turbos—just what you need for speed and power on long treks or fast jaunts around Chino, CA.

With all that power, the ST gives no quarter on luxury or comfort either. Transport the whole family in style with leather seating and a technology package that would wow even the most tech-savvy driver. Come see the Ford Explorer ST for yourself and see what the next level of exploration is all about.

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