Ford Pickup & Delivery

Ford Pickup & Delivery

It's part of You Mode.
The convenience of owning a Ford. Made just for you.

Scheduling Service is This Easy

There are a lot of reasons to love being a Ford owner. Ford Pickup & Delivery* is one more. Call us to schedule service or schedule service using our Service Scheduler.

Once service is scheduled, you'll receive a call from our Service Customer Support. Just tell us when and where you'd like to have your Ford picked up - home or work - and we'll come get it, service it at the dealership and return it to you.

Ford Pickup & Delivery is Complimentary

The next time you need service, Chino Hills Ford will make the round trip for you.  No need to drive to or from the dealer for service. We also offer other great Servicing benefits, including Ford Mobile Service.

All FordPass® Rewards members are eligible for this service. The number of times you can use the service depends on your membership Tier. You can sign up for FordPass Rewards here or when you download the FordPass App.
*Ford Pickup & Delivery is offered by participating dealers and may be limited based on availability, up to a 15 Mile Radius from Chino Hills Ford, or other dealer-specified criteria. Does not include parts or repair charges. A nonoperational vehicle is not eligible and will require a Roadside event. For other questions, please call us.